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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Ex Cathedra

Beaver Moon / Yuletide Update: Hella Early

Beaver Moon / Yuletide Update: Hella Early

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BPAL’s Big Pink Beaver is up way freakin’ early because my beau’s birthday is on the 17th and damn it, we’re going to Disneyland for two days. From the Shiny & New page:

Updated just shy of Blood Moon, 2005.

I'm opening this update with a hyooge, squishy public display of affection for my consort, the Great Love of My Life©... my Ghoulie Goalie, Tedwin. Its the big lug's birthday on October 17th. Not only is he my Prince Charming and Knight In Shining PVC, he's also the man in charge of the Black Phoenix Trading Post. Please feel free to send him all the dirty limericks, suggestive photos and crass come-on's that you want in his PM or email box. He's a Libra; he'll love it.

We will do our best to see to it that all orders placed before November 15, 2005 get to you in time for Christmas. No offense intended to anyone that celebrates any other winter holiday; I refer to Christmas simply because it’s the primary gift-mania holiday of the season, and a good roadside marker for us, so to speak. Anyway, we will be working a hell of a lot of overtime to see to it that we get everything out as quickly as possible, but look at it this way… if you’re buying someone BPAL for the holidays, at least you’re getting part of your shopping done early. [snort!]

Upwards and onwards…

Much of the information pertaining to the current LE’s can be found on the Limited Edition page, so I won’t repeat it here. Bess and Ode On Melancholy are new to Bewitching Brews, Baudelaire makes another appearance in Love Potions with Sed Non Satiata, and the Garden has two new sprouts: Cobra Lily and Yew-Trees.

Black Phoenix Trading Post has a heap of new items coming soon. Beaver Moon is now live there, too, and later in the week you’ll see the first of their hoodies and the Humane Society fundraiser tee. The first of the lockets will be live later in the year; YES! – the molds are now being cast. Around the same time, the first of the statues should be ready to go live, and thanks to the BPAL Doodle Goddess, more tee designs will go live soon.

For the record, BPTP now ships internationally. Please refer to Tedwin’s FAQ for more information.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab will be celebrating its third burf’day on November 18. I have something suitably twisted planned, so keep your eyes peeled.

- - -

Edited to add:

You got it: that's the new Loony Tee at Black Phoenix Trading Post. Smushy chunks of love to Tedwin and Macha!
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