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Snow Moon Site Update / Brick & Mortar Info

Snow Moon Site Update / Brick & Mortar Info

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Seriously, can this month be weirder? Like I said in another thread, even the moon itself is giving me grief. ;) Three things are going to be tackled here: Snow Moon online [both at BPAL and BPTP] and the brick and mortar shenanigans.

Snow Moon: BPAL
Snow Moon is going to go live on the site tomorrow night at midnight, along with the extra bits of anniversary stuff. Because of the weirdness of the full moon this month, Snow Moon will stay live until just after midnight on the 17th. Let’s say, for the record, at about 12.01am PST, November 17th. We will keep the Halloweeners up until the 17th, too, for simplicity’s sake. The anniversary stuff will be live until December 1st, with the exception of any GE scents that are introduced at that time. Those will, clearly, stay live indefinitely, barring component issues, yadda yadda. You know the drill.

I am a MASTER of stating the obvious! =D Go me!

Snow Moon: BPTP
The Snow Moon tee will go live tonight, assuming that I can get the page to upload correctly. Ftp is not being my friend at the moment. The Snow Moon tee will come down on November 17th. Within a week’s time, the next phase of tees and hoodies will be available. In December, BPTP will begin selling three types of Black Phoenix incense. I sure as hell hope you guys like the incense: I had a massive spilling incident during an over-enthusiastic grind-and-dip session, and now my favorite jeans reek of Dragon’s Blood. Permanently. Heh!

The coloring on them now looks a bit like a Rorschach Blot Test. Look at my pants and tell me what /you/ see.

Oh, I’m a laff-riot.

Beaver Moon: Brick & Mortar Shenanigans
Because of the moon’s wackiness this month, we will be open on both Tuesday and Wednesday, from 12pm-7pm. The address is [dramatic pause and drumroll, please]:

5523 Satsuma Ave
North Hollywood, CA 91601

::|:| mapquest |:|::

::|:| yahoo maps |:|::

It may be a little hard to find. Satsuma looks like an alley, but isn’t. The building itself is a warehouse covered in gloriously strange pale blue aluminum siding. Sexy. We’re on the right side of the building. Mr. Thrifty [our mini-skeleton] will be in the window, and there’s a very obviously half-finished budding new herb garden in the front. If it isn’t totally obvious from my description so far, this is still a work in progress. By Snow Moon the place should be closer to my ideal, but as far as this week goes… well, please be patient. We’re doing our best to juggle this in with the usual late-year madness, and decorating is going to have to be on the back-burner til later in the year!

While you’re in the area, you may want to hit up three other shops on our street. There are two wonderful architectural salvage places and a great stained glass shop. Tell them the new freaks down the road sent you. 8)

The primary problem that we may have this week [and forever afterwards] is parking. There are four spaces in front of BPAL. =P

Ok, now onto the Plan:
Unfortunately, our wretched credit card system is still unprepared for retail in-store sales. At the moment, the damned thing won’t even let me log in. Anyway, all in-house sales on Tuesday and Wednesday will have to be either cash, or through PayPal. We will have a terminal set up there for people who want to use the latter.

The next bit is almost verbatim from the last Will Call [reiterating a little bit of what I just said, yes, but I’m getting too loopy to edit]:

If you would like to place an order for pick-up on Beaver, please do the following:

Email us at willcall@blackphoenixalchemylab.com with your order. Payment may be remitted by PayPal ahead of time to willcall@blackphoenixalchemylab.com, or you can pay at Pick Up with cash or using one of our computers as a PayPal terminal. When making your payment, please omit shipping charges. You may purchase any current catalogue oils, as long as we have them in stock, for Will Call pick up on that day with the exception of the following:

All Yule LE’s
Cobra Lily
Ode On Melancholy

Both Blood Moon and Beaver Moon will be available, as we were unable to open our doors on the last Lunacy. Please remit all PayPal pre-payments by 11pm PST on Monday so that we can get your orders together. Some t-shirt overstock from BPTP will also be on hand, but those will have to be in-store purchases, since I'm not positive which sizes and styles will be there. We will do our best to accommodate all orders of 5mls and imps, but sales will be based on availability. Imp Packs will be available, but we would prefer that, if you are going to purchase imps, you pre-order them so we can expedite the process. In all cases, its probably best to pre-order anyway, so we can make sure we have the oils allotted, or will be able to tell you beforehand if we’re out of stock. You get the gist.

At this time, we cannot accept checks, money orders, or credit card payments for WC.

I am going to try and have a set of sniffers for some of the Yule scents there as a preview, but none will be ready to go out the door. We’re also hoping to have a few sample sticks from the first batch of incense, but I can’t make any promises.

Once things calm down a little, we’ll be able to open up to the public a few days a week. For now, though, walk-in is limited to Lunacy Days until further notice.

Teddy, Fritz, Forest and I will be rotating working the front. I really, truly hope to see you guys this week!

Please direct all questions to answers@blackphoenixalchemylab.com. Sara will do her best to help you out with anything that comes up.

I’m prolly forgetting something. Gah!

<-- For reasons that will become clear eventually, Happy Sumo Guy has been replaced by Happy Bishop Guy
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